Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stoa of Attalos

This stoa or "roofed arcade" is located on the eastern quarter of the Agora. It was reconstructed in the mid 20th century as a museum to house the finds from the Ancient Agora site. The stoa was founded by King Attalos of Pergamon who ruled around 159-138 BC.  It was burnt down though by the Heruli tribe in AD 267. It was reconstructed though using the original foundations and ancient materials. I absolutely love columns and was really impressed with the architecture.

                                                                 This is a whole lot of marble!

These last 3 pictures are some of the ruins from the agora.

Pretty view looking out of one of the arches.

 I was already tired!!!


Susan said...

I love all the photos! It must have been wonderful! Hope I one day get to see it first hand too. Those columns do look incredible!

Melissa Ruth said...

when i see these photos, all i remember is the bathroom in that place. dont know why...

love columns too!!