Sunday, September 30, 2012

August Birthdays

In my family there are a total of 5 birthdays in's an expensive month! Every summer we get together at my oldest sister's home and enjoy the pool, eat, open presents, and take lots of pics. This year we celebrated the day right before returning to Samara.

The birthday boy enjoying the pool.

 My mom also celebrated a birthday in August.
She turned 70!!!  I can't believe it. This lady
has more energy than I do. The Lord has been
so good and has granted her good health.

 Oh yah! Present time.

All the cousins. I should do a post on all the cousin pictures 
throughout the years.  It's been hard for me to miss out
on them growing up. I was very involved in my nephew
and nieces lives since they were babies so I get quite
sad when we leave them behind.

The boys!

Grandma with all the's even: 3 boys vs 3 girls.

Three sisters.

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