Friday, September 28, 2012

Legoland Part 2

After our time at the water park we headed back to the car, ate some lunch, changed into our dry clothes and headed back to Legoland. Since we didn't get to do everything at the park the day before we thought we'd finish off our day doing some of the rides we didn't go on.

I love Jojo's big smile on this one!

 Nathan must have been driving like a renegade.

I definitely would not have the patience to build these figures from
so many Lego pieces.

Overall we really liked Legoland. The whole park is definitely catered to younger kids. I think in a couple of years, Jojo would not be as interested. The boys also enjoyed the Lego stores in the park! It was like a dream come true for the boys to see so many Legos in one spot. In comparison to Disneyland, well nothing really compares to Disneyland. The grounds could use a bit more work, there isn't that special "magic", and the employees could use some better training. Of course the kids don't see all this but it made me realize and especially appreciate how Disneyland pays attention to....every......single.........detail!!!!


Melissa Ruth said...

i know what you mean about disneyland. it's such a great park that it kind of spoils you for every other park. we went to knotts a few years ago and i spent the whole time comparing it to disneyland and complaining about how it wasn't as good. haha. but i seriously had to work at enjoying my time there. geesh!

Chuck Stevens said...

This place looks SO AWESOME. My son loves water parks and is always playing with Legos- seems like the perfect fit for him! We are always looking for new parks to take him to. We recently took him to an indoor water park that had all of these crazy indoor kids activities. He had such a blast- looks like you guys had a great time!

Natalie said...

Chuck, it's every little boy's dream! We plan to return this summer.