Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ronald Reagan Library

 The Ronald Reagan library is located not too far from my mom's home in the valley. It had been several years since I've been there. Actually the last time I was there was with my mom, and Josiah when he was 3 years old!  So one Saturday, the boys and I along with Grandma Maria headed out to Simi Valley.

            This is Ronald Reagan's mom's Bible and he used it to swear in at both of his inaugurations.

      Not to get political on my blog or anything but NO, America is not better off after 4 years of    Obama!

              My mom loves Ronald Reagan. Actually she and I both got teary eyed throughout our tour.

 This is a replica of the oval office while Reagan was president. There are only a few things that are original. One being the leather chair he sat on which was actually given to him by Nancy when he was governor of California.

This is a replica painting of Thomas Jefferson and as you can see on the painting that his hands and legs aren't shown. The guide told us that back in the day it cost more money to paint in hands and below the knees. This is where we get the expression, "It cost me an arm and a leg."

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Melissa Ruth said...

ok i love this post. and it made me laugh! you are so cute! we love that museum and i miss reagan!!