Monday, October 29, 2012

Hooray for Fall!

I am crazy about Summer and probably don't appreciate Fall as much as other people do but I am happy that it's here. I guess I probably don't like it so much because Fall means Winter is right around the corner.

 We celebrated "shatva" (harvest) at church in September. All 
the churches do these ornate harvesty displays.

 September had some pretty warm and beautiful days!
Glad we took advantage of those days and got out a lot.

 Thankfully the boys didn't forget to ride their bikes.
This is along a path near the garage where Jon  
parks the car. I love this path because in the fall
it is just beautiful.

                          I am not pregnant! It's just the shirt and a few extra pounds I've gained!!!!

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Melissa Ruth said...

you are SO funny!! you didnt even look pregnant at all to me.