Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Thursdays have come and gone and I have neglected to remind myself of all that I am thankful for.

1. Today I am thankful because one of my favorite women Bible teachers is coming to Samara. She'll be teaching at our women's conference and I am super excited about it. I can't wait to be taught and to actually be able to understand every. single. word!

2. I'm also thankful because Spring is in the air........well not really but February is almost finished, then comes March, and then the big meltdown at the end of March. I can't complain though because in comparison to years past, this winter has been so mild!

3. And last of all, I am praising God for the end of my 38th year of life........tomorrow I turn 39, one year closer to the big 4-0! The Lord has indeed been so faithful and gracious to me. I still feel and act like I'm 20 something so I am ok with aging.

1 comment:

Melissa Ruth said...

enjoy the conference! i always enjoy when we have english speaking teachers and i can totally enjoy everything!