Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Nethercutt Museum

There are really so many things to do in Los Angeles, but when you've lived here pretty much most of your life you become pretty oblivious to all the places to go and see. The other problem is that everything costs money......yes there are a lot of "free" museums but you have to pay an arm and a leg in parking.

When we returned from Russia this year, my sister mentioned a free car museum in Sylmar. I had never even heard about this museum!So, yesterday we headed to Sylmar with the boys for a little afternoon outing.

If you are a car enthusiast you will love this museum. If you aren't a car enthusiast you will love this museum simply for all the history. Admission is free and there is no parking fee. Plus, it was only 10 minutes from where we live!

There are actually two museums. We went to the Nethercutt Museum which houses over 120 classic and antique cars. They are open Tuesday - Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  The other museum is called the Nethercutt Collection but entrance is by a reserved guided tour only and no kiddos under the age of 12 are allowed.

These are some pretty classy vehicles! I can't even imagine the worth of all the cars we saw.

The cars kept the boys' attention but towards the end they were a bit bored. They were also so tempted to touch the cars so we had to really keep our eyes on them.

Out in the back there is a restored 1937 locomotive. You can actually walk through it but only twice a day at 12:30 and 3:45. We weren't there at those times but may try again in the future. It was so hot yesterday so the boys didn't want to hang outside too long.

At the Nethercutt Collection museum they hold musical concerts since they have antique organs and pianos. Jon and I plan on getting free tickets for their Christmas concerts.

You can get more information about the museum on their website at

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