Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Countdown - Day 16

Anyone feeling stressed out? It's single digits until Christmas! Thankfully I only have one more gift to buy. Tomorrow is party #3 and I still have to cook something for it but it looks like my day is coming to a close so I suppose it will be an early morning for me!

Today's activity is one that the boys have been waiting for.......sugar cookies. I cheated this year though and bought a mix. If you know me then you know I have a love/hate relationship with sugar cookies. Having a mix today definitely helped the process though.

We don't decorate the cookies super fancy though and I let the boys do whatever they want. Their favorite part is that daddy joins in the fun every single year.

Fun and yummy evening tonight!

This morning we read from Luke 2:13-14. It's always refreshing to read these verses and to refocus my thoughts during this busy season.

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