Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year in Review - Part 2

Now for the other half of the year.......

In June we continued to unwind from our time overseas while Jon also began searching for a job. Little did we know how difficult the job search would be with one moment getting our hopes up and the next being let down.

We enjoyed a couple of days at the San Diego Zoo.

Then we explored the San Diego Safari Park

We capped off the trip to enjoy Star Wars Days at Legoland.


Nathan turned 6! He's not so little anymore. We also did some exploring around Los Angeles and we got to see some friends visiting from Russia.

Katya and I at the Japanese Gardens.

By August Jon had closed in on a job and thankfully started working for a small firm near our home.
It was a lot of work as he had to begin studying for several exams in order to be licensed as a financial planner.......he is still in the studying process but thankfully has passed 2 real big exams.
I got to go to the X Games with my two sisters.

Celebrating the birthday of one of my closest friends.

And of course we celebrated August birthdays.......there are 5 family birthdays in August.

It's back to school. We actually joined a homeschool group this year since we are Stateside and the boys and I really enjoy it.

I hosted a table at our fellowship group's annual tea.

I got so used to 4 seasons while we lived in Russia so I was a bit disappointed as October rolled around. Although I am not complaining about the beautiful warm weather in California I did miss the crisp cold air and changing foliage.
We headed to the San Diego Zoo but this time with friends.

We also visited a couple of pumpkin patches.

A trip to the Griffith Park Observatory

We finished the month off with some trick or treating!

This was the first Thanksgiving in California in over 8 years! We were definitely thankful to be with family again.
We are definitely thankful for my mom who has opened up her home to us.

The last month of the year! It was a crazy month. So fast paced and a bit stressful but we did enjoy this season being back in the States.

With my husband by my side I am looking forward to 2014 and all that the Lord has in store.
Even though I know I don't have so many readers I do want to wish my readers a Happy New Years from Nat and the boys!

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