Sunday, February 2, 2014

San Fernando Mission

This past week we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the San Fernando Mission. I've been there several times but since Jojo is in 4th grade and we're dutifully learning about California History it seemed like a great place to go.

So, here goes a brief history lesson:

- The San Fernando Mission is number 17 out of 21 missions.
- In 1769 the Spaniard priest, Juniper Serra, set sail from Baja California to begin his "Sacred Expedition" of converting American Indians into Catholics by establishing missions.
- Mission San Diego is the very first mission that was established.
- Missions could never be established anywhere else in the States because the Indians in other parts were more aggressive and war like. The Indians in California were known as "pacifist".
- San Fernando Mission was best known for their wines!
- San Fernando Mission was also the 2nd wealthiest mission.
- Did you know that Bob Hope is buried there? According to the docent, when Bob Hope and his wife would return to their home in Toluca Lake via their private jet, the pilot would always have to fly over the San Fernando Mission in order to begin his descent into the Van Nuys Airport. Every time the plane flew over the mission, Bob Hope would lean over to his wife and tell her, "We're home". She paid some big money to have him buried there considering the Mission is also a "sacred Indian burial ground".
- The Catholic church that is on the San Fernando Mission grounds has had to be rebuilt 4 times.

The wine cellar.

Exposed adobe wall.
A small portion exposed on the wall inside the convent. Original Indian painting.
The convent. The only original building's facade has been updated over the original adobe.

The boys and their cute little friend.
We actually had our wedding pictures photographed here!

We enjoyed our trip but truthfully it did make me a little sad knowing how awful the Indians were treated by the Spaniards. Not to mention that they were basically forced to become Catholics if they wanted to live.

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