Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Day of Fifth Grade

I realize I am super late on this post but I guess I've forgotten about my blog a bit. Jojo also started his first day of school on August 18 as a fifth grader! I can't believe it, time is just flying by.

Jojo loves going to PSP on Fridays at church. He has made some great friends and is doing real well. His classes include Writing, Math Games, Art, and Science. There is also chapel time with singing and a sermon.

He has quite a heavy load of schoolwork this year but he is being a real trooper and working into the afternoon to get all his work finished. His subjects include:

MATH : Saxon 6/5
SCIENCE : Apologia Land Animals and Science at the Y
PHONICS : Phonics Pathways
BIBLE : AWANA T&T Handbook #2
SPELLING : Natural Speller
READING : He reads various books, he's currently reading Lassie, Come Home.
HANDWRITING : He's working on a cursive workbook
GRAMMAR : Daily Grams
GUITAR : Lessons with dad
SOCIAL STUDIES : Rod and Staff's Understanding Our Community
P.E. : P.E. at the Y
ART : Art class at PSP
WRITING : IEW's All Things Fun and Fascinating

It's shaping out to be a full year but a fun one!

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