Thursday, November 6, 2014

Owl Pellet Dissection

It has been a busy school year for us and we are all enjoying it. Not too long ago the boys had a wonderful experience dissecting an owl pellet. Before our dissection we learned a little bit about owl pellets and how the process works. Owls have two stomachs and all the bones, teeth, and hard material they can't digest goes directly into the second stomach where it later regurgitates a pellet. Just in case you are interested you can watch an owl regurgitate a pellet on this YouTube video .

The boys found a ton of little bones including skulls, teeth, eggs, and so forth. These owls had eaten mice and some smaller birds. That night when I went to bed I began thinking about the dissection and could not fall asleep. Even though it was interesting it was also quite disgusting!

Dissecting a pellet with their pal.

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Susan said...

Interesting, but you are right, Natalie, disgusting! lol