Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Birthdays

Last month our family got together to celebrate August Birthdays. We have 5 birthdays to celebrate so it's an annual tradition. This year though we have a new addition to the obligatory cousin picture. And no, I did not have a baby.

Cousin picture with the newest addition...Casey (the dog).
This cousin's picture was taken in 2004...I love seeing how they've all changed.
Casey the puppy has been so much fun. My sister Monica rescued her from a shelter and she has brought a lot of joy to all of us...especially to Nathan who absolutely loves dogs! Jojo hasn't really warmed up to her yet though.

Casey the Wonder Dog

My mom turned 74 this year! 
This year Jojo became a teenager. Thankfully so far so good! Who says the teen years have to be terrible?

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