Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carlsbad Beach

After our little San Diego and Legoland time we stayed one more night in Carlsbad and the following day headed to the beach! Yes...beach in October...only in So Cal!

We were all in relaxation mode! This beach is absolutely beautiful and we basically had the whole beach to ourselves. Not only is it beautiful but it's super clean. There were also some surfers catching some waves so that was fun to watch.

There's a nice jetty on the west side of the beach with smooth rocks that provide an easy walkway to go out and explore.

On the east side of the beach there's two lookout points on the bluffs. I wish the pictures were nicer but for some reason Nathan changed the settings on my camera and while I sat back in our spot relaxing he enjoyed taking some overexposed shots with my camera!!! I guess I could have edited the pictures but oh well!! Next time we head to San Diego we will definitely stop by this beach again. Perhaps we can also explore some other new beaches too. All my life I've only gone to Zuma Beach but since moving to Moorpark I've explored different beaches and I'm loving all our new finds! 

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