Saturday, May 6, 2017

Homeschool Fair

Our homeschool group's annual fair was a couple of weeks ago. The boys love to participate in the's one of their favorite events. This year's fair theme was the Creator's Hand.

Josiah won first place in photography for his age group and also took 2nd place for overall theme usage.

He took second place for his whoopie pies....they were a lot of work!

Josiah then took first place for video presentation with his short called "President Junior". Quite a funny little movie about a young boy who dreams about becoming president.

Nathan loves entering the tablet setting category. This year he took second.

He also entered the photography category getting second place.

Lately Nathan's been pretty artsy....he's been drawing and painting a lot. He even entered the drawing category and got third place!

We're so thankful for our homeschool group and all the fun activities the boys get to participate in! Makes homeschooling a lot of fun.

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