Sunday, May 18, 2008

Be Grateful For Hot Water

Last week the hot water in our building was turned off for 4 1/2 days. Thankfully by Friday in the late afternoon it was turned back on again. This really just poses an inconvenience for us and really isn't a big deal, but until it is gone you don't realize how much you use hot water. For example, we had to take baths all last week which I personally do not enjoy. This meant boiling a bunch of water each night and doing that 3 times. I don't like baths but I am just thankful that I am able to get clean. Washing dishes can also be a bit of a pain. Really, I am not complaining and I shouldn't be because I know that for some Russians they have to live without any running water at all so I am thankful for the cold running water. Anyway, this morning I go to wash my dishes and guess what? No hot water again! Oh well.

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Melissa said...

wow that would be really hard. but at least you have running water! and indoor pluming facilities.