Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's a wonder!

What's a wonder? That I can get anything done around here anymore. At 8 months, Nathan started crawling. He picked it up right away. Now he is a speed demon on all fours. Sometimes to stop him, Josiah grabs his legs. Even though we don't allow him to do that to Nathan, it kinda makes me laugh.

At 8 1/2 months Nathan started standing up against anything that would hold him, including pant legs, walls, etc.

He gets into everything. Like in this picture, he knocked over my laundry on the rack.

At 9 months he started cruising against anything that will hold him up. This is when he really started getting into the way, especially with his brother. I know that Josiah adores him, but I also know that Josiah would like to play on his own sometimes. Nathan doesn't quite get that concept.

Josiah thinks the only way to stop him is to capture him!


Anonymous said...

I really like ur blog..
U can make usual life sooooo cool & bright!!
Thanks for pics. My cute baby-boy grew up.. Love u, guys!

PS I like Nathan's bunny suit, could u give it to me for my wedding ceremony? =))))))))

Melissa said...

soo funny and true! i feel the same way with cael who is, like you said, a speed demon on all fours. so true. he's so busy and into everything. somehow it all gets done. tho i dont have another sibling to throw into the mix; i'm sure you are busy with the both of them. who are just so cute! when are you coming out here? we should have a play date for our kiddos!!

rick said...

Those pics are classic.

Chloe started crawling around 5 1/2 months, I think. Then she was just content to crawl for a long time. Didn't start walking until about 13 1/2 months (Heidi would have to confirm those ages).

Either way, Chloe still smoked Emma, who didn't walk until 19 months. HA HA.

It's hard to imagine that either of my kids ever crawled. Thank God for cameras.

Wes and Rachel said...

natalie....glad you found us and I am glad we found you! :) i can relate....Malachi is always wanting to play with Ethan and it's good, but I understand Ethan wanting alone time as well....I guess that's what happens with two boys! Hopefully they will grow up to the best of friends!

rick said...

Right now Emma is at the grandparents' and Chloe is with us. Both kids seem to be quite content with that arrangement right now =).