Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Davis Family

Before leaving for our road trip to Oregon we got to spend some time with the Smith's (Keith and Rita) and the Davis Family. Andie just had her 3rd girl!!! That is 3 girls under the age of! Josiah and Nathan have some future wives to choose from. Keith made a great BBQ and we had a great time catching up. I have known Andie since she was in the 6th grade. I was helping my sister coach the AWANA Olympic team at Grace and that is when I first met her. She was an AWANA clubber. Later on in high school she was in my discipleship group. She also worked with me at the pediatrician's office. I am so thankful for such great friends like her She is a true blessing in my life and it is so exciting to watch her grow into the Godly wife and mother that the Lord has called her to.

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Megan =) said...

Aww!! Wow....what an incredible picture! =) Who would've thought seems like just yesterday we were in your living room choreographing dances to RIDICULOUS 80's songs! Love you guys! =D