Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Since we have returned from Russia, Josiah has been obsessed with video games. It all started with his cousin Madison's Nintendo DS. Last week we were over at "uncle" Mikes house who has a huge t.v. and a Wii system. Josiah had a ball playing with his buddy Caillou. Every day he asks us to play a video game. Today he grabbed Sunday's Target ad and showed me the advertisement on the front page for a Nintendo DS. I told him it was too much money and he told me to get his piggy bank! I then told him that he doesn't have enough money for a Nintendo DS, so he said Grandma Judy would buy it for him. I told him that Grandma Judy doesn't have that kind of money either. So, he said Tia (Aunt) Alex would buy it for him. This kid is so persistent. When he wants something he doesn't stop.

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hennfamily said...

I love your new home page picture on your blog. Wow! What a beautiful family. Thinking of you. Again I am thankful for our time to connect again while you were in Sioux city.