Saturday, January 31, 2009

A good buy

Trying to keep Nathan occupied these days is a full time job. He is so busy! So, when we were at the store the other night I decided to buy him a doll stroller. Yes, a doll stroller. I actually can't believe Jon let me buy it. One thing that helped is that the stroller is blue and not pink. It was really a great buy because Nathan loves it. He barrels down the hall with it and he just goes and goes! For now it's keeping him happy...........for a minute or two.


Melissa said...

oh my goodness i should buy one for cael too! we were at a friends house who has a girl and cael LOVED her stroller, bassinet, and doll house :) so funny! what a great idea!!

hennfamily said...

All my boys have enjoyed pushing doll strollers, too! I just threw a broken on out from Jesse sitting in it to much while Erin and Levi pushed him!