Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oops, I forgot this one.

During our time back in California we had the opportunity to stay at our church's missions house. Nathan quickly realized that the bathtub had a lower clearance making it so much easier for him to climb in. Sometimes when I couldn't find him he would be in the empty bath tub playing with the toys. Nathan loves the water but because of his eczema he is limited to the number of baths he gets a week. One night while he was "helping" me fill the tub with water for Josiah he took the opportunity while I had my back turned to jump right in! Thankfully he wasn't hurt or anything but he did get his pajamas all wet!


Becca or Cori depending :) said...

What a stinker! :)

The Chau Family said...

what a cutie!

hennfamily said...

I LOVE that you took a picture of this moment. How cute is this child!!!!!