Sunday, February 22, 2009

McDonalds In Samara

When we are in the States we never go to McDonalds but here in Samara it is a nice little treat. Josiah loves to go and get a happy meal. Truthfully we don't go a lot so when we do go it is quite a big deal. This time while we were eating one of the managers came over to ask us how our meal was and how it compared to the United States. I told her that the food tastes all the same and that we really enjoy coming to McDonalds. Actually, the McDonalds here is so clean, and the management does a really good job of running the place. But, one of my favorite things about going to McDonalds here is that the cherry pies are still fried and not baked.

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Melissa said...

wow that's so cool! i would love going to mcdonalds too!