Monday, February 23, 2009


This past Sunday our church ordained two deacons(Andrey H. and Pasha R.) and a pastor(Andrey Z.). The church here in Russia ordains deacons and recognizes them as servants and leaders in the church. Even though our church already has a pastor, a decision was made to ordain another pastor. All three of these men are Godly men who serve as examples to the entire church. They love their wives and children, they love the saints, and they have a deep love for the Lord. Andrey Z. who was ordained as pastor has become a dear friend to Jon. He is also one of Jon's translators. We are truly so privileged to be serving alongside these men and praise God for how they honor the Lord with their lives.

The church council or the "brothers".

Andrey H. and his wife Tanya.

Pasha and his wife Olya.

Andrey Z. and his wife Neela

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