Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today as I was preparing dinner, I began thinking about how much I hate the preparation of potatoes. Here are my reasons:
1. Potatoes in Russia are very dirty. It is a pain to clean and scrub them. My sink is a huge mess once I am done.
2. I don't like to peel them. 9 out of 10 times I end up with a little cut from trying to peel them. It also takes forever to peel potatoes.
3. Chopping them is another pain. They are so hard to cut through.
4. I never cook them right. I think I am always in a hurry to get them done so it seems like it takes forever to get them soft enough.
5. I also hate handling hot baked potatoes. I always burn myself. Especially when I make twice baked potatoes and I have to scoop out the inside.
and last but not least.
6. My mashed potatoes are atrocious. Way too lumpy. I can never mash them enough.

Unfortunately for me, potatoes are a huge staple here in Russia. In the winter, vegetables are very short in supply so potatoes always make a great side dish. I do like eating them, don't get me wrong, just preparing them is a pain. Potatoes are pretty much guaranteed to be found on a Russian table for a meal. Potatoes along with chives, sour cream, and mayonaise (not mixed together) are total staples here and most likely you will find one if not all waiting for you at dinner or lunch.


Melissa said...

i feel your pain. not very fond of peeling them myself. my mom bought me a cutco knife for christmas and it has helped tons in the cutting part. but still lots of work. i'm making mashed potatoes tonight and will think of you :)

gale said...

natalie - i have a recipe that makes theeeeeee best mashed potatoes. also if you use those nifty green scott's scrubber pads (not with the sponge on them) that you can get at home really makes cleaning them easy.

miss you. how is the visa situation?


Natalie said...

Well Gale, then I want the recipe!! Thanks for the tip on the scrubber pads.

I am going to be teaching on discipleship to our sem. wives so I have been thinking about you a lot!!

Our visa situation isn't that great. We are supposed to find out soon whether or not we have been approved for the second step in the process for a 3 year visa. Don't know if we will get it or not, the Lord knows though!!

gale said...

natalie - i can't believe i don't have your email address...send it to me and i'll get you the receipe!

Sereena said...

Hi Natalie, Thanks for keeping your blog up-to-date - it's always a good read! :-) Mashed spuds . . . Nige's favourite! He'd have potatoes done any way, every night if he had his way! :-)
I use a dob of butter and plenty of milk, and while living in the US I saw a few ladies use their hand-held electric beater and I always get a nice smooth result when I do it that way. love Sereena :-)