Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Party!

I have to say that I have never really liked Valentine's Day. I really didn't like V Day when I was single, it was just a reminder of being manless. Even after I got married it just seemed so commercial to me. Jon and I have never really done anything special for Valentines. But, after having Josiah I really have started liking it so much. It is just fun having a holiday to look forward to, doing special craft, baking heart shaped sugar cookies, and Heather's annual party. Since we've been in Samara her Valentine's party is a very anticipated event in Josiah's life. So, on Thursday just Jojo and I made our way to the Klassen home to join 11 other kids and 5 other mommies to celebrate. Heather does a great job! She puts on a very festive table with lots of goodies for lunch, then afterwards the kids got to decorate their very own heart shaped chocolate cakes. Josiah had a great time and on Friday he woke up asking to go to the party again!

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Melissa said...

i feel the same way about valentines day. but i'm SO excited as cael gets older to celebrate holidays totally different for him. can't wait!!