Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I recently read on an on-line parenting website that toddlers at this age will become attached to things. There are 3 things Nathan can not do without:
1. He can not drink his milk without a pillow that usually sits on our sofa. When he wants his milk he grabs the pillow, puts it on the floor, and starts saying "millll"
2. He also can't live without his pacifier or bo-bo as he calls it (this is what Josiah called it when he was little so we kept the name).
3. His latest thing is a "softy". Nathan loves the feel of my nylons and soft things. When he is tired he uses his thumb and middle finger and rubs whatever soft thing he can find between his two fingers...........my shirt, his shirt, a towel, etc. So, I grabbed one of my scarves and now it has become his softy.

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Melissa said...

that is so interesting. cael is attached to his softy too, a blanket of his that is silky on one side. he won't sleep without it. i didnt know that it was at this age tho that they become attached.