Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring in Samara

So that's how we welcome Spring in Samara!! Winter gave us it's last snow on March 23 and 25. It was nice to have some fresh snow for the kids to play with before it all started to melt.


Lauren said...

That's crazy! Was it hard to get used to?

The Chau Family said...

ooo...brrr... and i start thinking it's cold when it starts blowing a little bit out here and the tempts get to 50F !!! my poor kids have no idea what real snow feels like or how it looks falling from the sky. at least your boys will have those memories :).

Cori said...

I dont think I could ever get used to the cold or snow there! So are you ready to be home? Target called, they are ready & waiting :)

Natalie said...

Lauren- yes it was very hard to get used to. Our first year in Russia was actually in Siberia and it was way colder there than Samara. The snow in Siberia came at the beginning of October and didn't melt until the end of April. Samara's winter is milder!!

Kris- My mom and sisters always complain how cold it is when it is 50 ! We laugh........for us that's shorts weather : ).

Cori - yes we're ready to go back but I really miss the people here and you better believe I'll be at Target on the morning of the 8th of April looking at the toothpaste aisle in awe of all the choices.