Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Well it's time again to return to the States due to our expired visa. As you read this blog we should be on the Frankfurt, Germany flight to Dulles, Washington. If you think of it, please pray for us! From the time we leave our apartment in Samara, until the time we get to my moms in L.A., it will be around 30 hours. No fun, especially with two little ones. But in reality we have it easy compared to the other members on our team. The Klassens have 4 kids and the Moorheads have 5. Josiah travels real well but Nathan is 21 months so if you are a parent then you should understand how difficult a child is at this age.

Josiah's thoughts: Cool dude! I get to watch movies on the plane and sleep. Then I get to see my grandmas, cousins, tias, and I get to go to Sunday school!

Nathan's thoughts: What do you mean I'll be stuck on an airplane for over 20 hours!?


Melissa said...

praying for you guys!!

The Chau Family said...

How is your time in the States going? How long will you be around? If we can fit it in this year, i'd love to see you :).