Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date Night!

Well we finally got to celebrate my birthday..............5 weeks late, but that's o.k. Between illnesses and crazy schedules we just couldn't fit it in until a week ago. I've been dying to go to the brand new T.G.I.Fridays that barely opened over a month ago. It was fabulous. Our waitress spoke some English and even humored us with a pretty racist joke that I won't repeat! They also sang some songs to a customer who must have been having a birthday, thankfully Jon didn't say it was my birthday celebration or else I would have died laughing. The waiters/waitresses were singing "Go Bananas" and "Boom Chicka Rocka Chicka Rocka Chicka Boom". It was so funny because they sang it in English of course with a very thick accent. It was really a fun atmosphere and I have been craving onion rings forever so it was just perfect. The best part though was spending it with my wonderful husband. Lately Josiah has been talking up a storm, I mean the kids never quiets down. I know that I've prayed for so long for him to talk but wow this is crazy. Jon and I can't really talk anymore during our dinners at home because Jojo is constantly interrupting us and goes on and on and on. So, it was just great being able to converse with my best friend and love of my life!

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Anonymous said...

Oh!!!!! Too much onion rings for you, guys! =)))))))