Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Father's Day

On Father's Day we celebrated by going to the happiest place on earth without our two boys! That sounds awful but we were being selfish and wanted to enjoy Disneyland and California Adventures one last time. It was really great because we got to do a ton of stuff we normally never do with the boys. Such as going together on a lot of rides that we usually have to take turns going on. We also got to see Fantasmic and the Electrical Parade without having to keep two little boys entertained for an hour as you wait for the shows to begin. One of the highlights was going on Tower of Terror. I absolutely love roller coasters but I hate rides that are just straight up and down. The last time I went on Tower of Terror was in Florida and I was with my nephew and my brother-in-law (at the time) who worked for Disney. The ride was fairly new and so we tried it out. He wouldn't tell me what was going to happen. Had it not been for my youth I think I would have died of a heart attack. That was 14 years ago and this time I knew what I was getting into. Let's just say I screamed like a banshee (according to my husband). I was hoarse for two days after.

It's the year to celebrate at Disneyland. Not only were we celebrating Father's Day but we also turned it into our 9 year anniversary outing (July 1)

We also ate at the Blue Bayou. The last time I ate there was when I was in 5th grade. I had a great teacher by the name of Mrs. Watanbe and myself and a handful of other students were her "pets". She took us everywhere including Disneyland and treated us to the Blue Bayou. I don't know how she could have afforded taking us to all the places she did on a teacher's salary. Anywho, Jon and I had a delicious meal. We made sure to save room for funnel cake later on in the evening after the Fantasmic show.

We also got to go on the Haunted Mansion. Josiah is terrified of this ride so we never go on it, It was so funny because as we were getting on our doom buggies (isn't that what they call them?) this crazy Japanese lady was trying to get into the buggy with us but being the rude "Russians" that we are we shoved her aside.

We also went on Indiana Jones. I love this ride. I remember going to Disneyland with 15 other girls when this ride first opened. We waited in line for 3 1/2 hours. We were being so annoying also. We were loud, obnoxious, and singing annoying songs but it was a blast.

Well Jon and I had a fabulous time. Even though we missed the boys (well not too much), it was just great being the two of us.


Melissa said...

that sounds like such a fun trip!!

rick said...

I can hear that scream now. It's glorious.

And thanks for pushing my mom to the side. She gets a little confused from time to time.