Friday, July 31, 2009

Huntington Library

I absolutely love the Huntington Library. It is one of my favorite spots. The first Thursday of every month is free and it so happened that it was also Nathan's birthday.....July 2. I gotta confess though that I didn't enjoy myself too much that day. First of all I was so tired. Nathan had a rough night which means I didn't sleep too well. We actually took him to the doctor before going to the Huntington and found out he had a double ear infection. Josiah wasn't feeling too well either. He had a bad cough and was feeling lousy. Second of all it was hot, way too hot! The heat, plus two sick boys, plus me not getting enough sleep equaled two cranky boys and an impatient mother. Nonetheless we tried to enjoy the morning as much as we could.

The rose garden still had some beautiful roses.

The Japanese garden is my favorite but some people hanging out in this area were being a little too weird for me. They were being very "one with the garden" and meditating. That is just so not me. I almost felt like we had to be real quiet out of respect.

The boys forgot how yucky they felt at the children's garden. They really had a good time. It was my first time seeing the children's garden since it opened and I was a little disappointed. I think they could have done more but maybe it was because of the stinky mood I was in.

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