Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On the 2nd of August my friend Christina and her husband Zhenya celebrated 1 year of marriage! They invited us and another family over for lunch to celebrate with them. We are so happy for them and so thankful that the Lord brought her such a Godly young man! Aside from the moment where I choked and almost passed out, the afternoon was real lovely.

Zhenya is the cook in the home and he made this delicious dish called "plov". It is the best I've ever had.

Jojo and Nana celebrating too.

Christina and Zhenya


Cori said...

Cute couple :)
What is something the dish is like in America?

rick said...

"Aside from the moment where I choked and almost passed out, the afternoon was real lovely."


The Chau Family said...

So, shall we assume the choking was not because you disliked the dish? LOL! Glad to see you're still investing your lives in so many - just as you have always done.

Natalie said...

Cori- Plov is like chicken and rice but they some incredible spices. Actually Zhenya made the dish and he used a real different spice in there which I have no idea what it was!

Rick and Kris- Yes, I can definitely laugh about that day now! The funniest thing is that I was totally choking and my life flashed before my eyes. No one knew what was wrong with me. Christina thought I was trying to tell a funny story, Jon says that I didn't give him the universal choke signal so he didn't know either! Everyone just stood there and stared at me. Christina then moved a chair away from me but still didn't do anything. I basically whacked myself on the upper chest so stinking hard and must have dislodged whatever I was choking on. I was starting to see "stars" and everything was going a bit gray. Thankfully I saved my own life just in time : )

rick said...

Oh man... I can totally picture that. There's been a couple times where I either choked or almost drowned and had the exact same experience (life flashing before my eyes, people just staring, unaware what was happening, etc).