Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DAYS 204 - 210

DAY 210  Deer at the Nature Center......the deer were everywhere!

DAY 209  Jojo on the bike trail!

DAY 208 Grandma Maria playing some ball with Jojo

DAY 207  On this day my mom, Jojo, and I went out on a little
adventure to find a Wal- Mart in the next town.  We got caught 
in a huge hail storm.  you can't really see the hail in this picture 
but I was terrified.  Not only because of the storm but because 
we couldn't even see anything and had no idea where we were.

DAY 206  On our way to Sunriver we stopped in Grant's Pass
and had lunch with an old co-worker of mine.  It was so great
to see Linda and her husband.

DAY 205  One of the worst parts of road trips is that the boys get
so tired and such little sleep.  

DAY 204  Our first overnight stay during our road trip up to 
Sunriver, Oregon.

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