Thursday, November 18, 2010

Days 315 -321

Day 321 - Jojo wanted some blue Kool-Aid

Day 320 Earlier this year when we had a womens' conference at our church,
a lady hand crocheted these little hearts as a reminder of our day.  

Day 319  A few weeks ago there was a local election..........I think for mayor. 
Anyway, this man's campaign was for a cleaner city and he put these trash
cans throughout the city.  They say "clean city" on them.  The funny thing is
that a lot of these trash cans were put in areas where workers don't go around
collecting the trash so you can imagine what a mess some areas are.

Day 318  I liked the way the sun was hitting the building lit up in the back.

Day 317  Nothing but gray skies lately.

Day 316  Making some pumpkin puree.  I made a yummy pumpkin chocolate
chip bundt cake this night.  I did plan on taking some pictures but by the 
end of the night our guests and my family pretty much ate the whole thing.

Day 315  Rainy day.  We were walking back to the car after picking up our tax id numbers. 
Don't ask why we have to do this because I have no clue!!!!

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