Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies

As part of our Christmas countdown we decorated sugar cookies with the family one evening.  It's always a fun time but it can get a bit messy plus not to mention the "sugar high" from eating all the frosting that doesn't always end up on the cookies.

Naynay's creations.

Mommy's creations.

Daddy's creations.

Jojo likes to go easy on the frosting.
Nathan and I ate our cookies within one day but Jojo and daddy
saved their cookies and the cookies were still around on the third
day!  Pretty amazing self-control!

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Our Family said...

J & N,

I can't begin to tell you how helpful your insights and info has been as we help these older kidss adjust to life after adoptition, so to speak.

Everything from how to imitate that cheese Daria's been missing to how to proceed with the difference in religious practice. You two have been a GIFT from the Lord! thank you friends! You're so dear to us in Christ!!!

May God bless and keep you four!
Jim and Denise