Friday, December 10, 2010

Days 336-342

Day 342  Getting ready for our cookie exchange.

Day 341  Getting ready for craft time.

Day 340 Finally found some pecans in Samara.

Day 339  It's "sankee" time.

Day 338  It's Christmas sugar cookie decorating time.

Day 337 - Sheets of ice.  Our sidewalks are like ice skating rinks right.  I took this picture as I was waiting for transport to go to the local market.  When I returned home I noticed a little old man with a cane just standing by a similar sidewalk.  I felt horrible for him because I knew he didn't know what to do.  So, I asked him if I could help him home.  As we walked home he proceeded to show me his prosthetic leg, he talked to me about things I couldn't understand, and I was able to smell the alcohol on his breath.  He lived a little further than I thought but I was just relieved to get him home safely in one piece.

 Day 336  Loving the reflection of the lights on the window.

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Our Family said...

How Christ-like you were to help that man, Natalie. You glorified God!