Saturday, January 22, 2011


Lately Jojo has been asking a lot of questions about heaven.  He's our little thinker and I think those years were he kept mainly silent he was storing up a treasure chest of thoughts and questions in his little head.  Some of the questions he asked were as follows:
Will we sleep in heaven?
Will we eat in heaven?
Will we eat fish in heaven?
Will we watch television in heaven?
And my favorite question...... will I be able to speak to my papa in heaven?

I remember when my nephew was about 6 years old and he asked me if there were roller coasters in heaven.  I replied no!  He broke down crying.  Needless to say my sister wasn't too happy with me! 


boletobindas said...

wow lovely. By chance from a blog's next blog section i reached to your blog. I love jojo questions. It's lovely......even i saw other blog also...from the valley to the volga.....when i was small i love ussr books, from where i heared about volga and don river, it's my dream to come spend some good time on the bank of river, like i spend on our holy ganga. Russia is in my heart form childhood. now em too waiting for little jojo next question....

From India With love.....

Natalie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog! Hopefully one day you will take a trip to Russia and see it for yourself!