Sunday, March 20, 2011

Novosibirsk Part 9: Our Neighborhood

We lived on the outskirts of Akadem Gorodok and outside the city 
center in what was called the "Micro Region "Shaw" ".  It was a 
pretty decent neighborhood with a lot of convenient spots.  This
is the grocery store that was located across the street from us.  This is 
also where I learned the art of "when in Rome do as the Romans
do" day I was doing my grocery shopping and I noticed that
people were lining up at the bread counter so I joined in and dis-
covered that around 1:00 every day they brought out fresh, piping hot 
bread!  It was absolutely delicious.  

This is one of the strollers we had for Jojo.  It was a stand up stroller
which also converted to a carrier.  We would get so many stares.
People would literally point at us whenever we'd go out on a walk. 
It was also a great conversation starter because every once in a
while people would stop us and ask us how the stroller worked!

We also lived right on the edge of a forest.  This is a Russian Orthodox
church that was located right on the very edge.  

We lived on Demakova Street and this is a statue
of Mr. Demakova!  No one could really tell us who
he was but I think he was some sort of political 
figure or war hero!!!

The local outdoor market was located within a 5 minute walk.  This
was our "cookie" lady.  She had the best chocolate covered
macaroons! We've never been able to find them in Samara.

This was our produce lady.  She was super sweet!

And this is the bus that we took to get to New York Pizza.  One of
the main transport stops was right across the street from our building!

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