Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birch Tree Art

I am definitely no artist!  I was never very good at drawing or painting or anything artistic for that fact!  Jojo is not a fan of coloring or drawing either, so I am trying real hard to somehow to incorporate art into our curriculum.  I came up on this incredible blog and I am so thankful for her ideas and tutorials.  A couple of weeks ago we had Nahum and Isaac (fellow teammate's boys) come over to attempt on making a birch tree painting.  We learned about horizons, shadows, and a little about birch trees.

Nathan even got to join in on the fun.

I told the boys before we started that they were to pretend that I 
wasn't their mommy or "auntie" Natalie and that I was a real art
teacher and they were in my art class.  I told them they were to 
behave very well and not mess around.  That lasted for like 5 minutes!

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