Friday, April 15, 2011

Quiet Time

When Jojo was born I read so many books on parenting, getting your baby on a schedule, etc.!  One idea that kept popping everywhere was giving your children a time during the day for them to have a "quiet time".  It's always been in the back of my mind and just last week I finally started doing it.  So, now every day, the boys get to pick books, take them to their bed, and read them.  I then set the timer for 30 minutes.  The first couple of days the boys fought me on this but once they got used to it, they actually enjoyed it.  The last 3 days they've been asking me to do "quiet time".  Thankfully it's a time that benefits all...............including me!

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azuremle said...

You don't know how encouraged I am by this little post! I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like all my routines with kids aren't happening. Just hearing that you started this and then your boys got used to it is a helpful reminder! It's never too late to try something new.