Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's finally happening!  Spring is slowly springing up everywhere.  The big meltdown is almost over...........only a few patches of snow are left.  There's still a lot of mud and litter around but we're happy to overlook those things as long as the sun shines an hour or two while we're out playing.

Time for blowing bubbles again!  The other day I tossed let the
boys out on the balcony to blow bubbles and they have been 
so eager to actually get out in the open to blow them.

Time to get the scooters out!  Jojo is getting a little more daring
on the scooter.  He asked if he could wear his bike helmet when
he rides his scooter from now on!

Time for flowers to bud!

Time to hang out outside without freezing!

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