Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salt Dough Bead Crosses

This past week I made a big batch of salt dough.  I'm so thankful for this website where I've been getting so many craft ideas.  I thought I'd help out the boy's Sunday school teacher with a little craft today.  The kids really enjoyed making these and it really kept them quiet and busy for about 20 minutes.  As they were doing the craft I realized what a great fine motor skill it is and with younger children you could just use bigger beads to make it easier for them. 

This cutie was too little to join in but she loved watching the
kids place the beads on the crosses.


Susan said...

What fun! When I was young craft projects were my favorite thing. I loved it when we made a big heart with pick and red tissue paper florettes on it for mom to give her on Mother's Day, or hearts with doilies on them for Valentine's Day. I still remember making them to this day.

The little tots look like they are really enjoying themselves! :-)

Susan said...

I mean PINK and red not pick and red...