Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grandma Judy is Here

Jon's mom arrived yesterday and the boys are so excited to have her here!  She is getting acclimated to the time change which is so hard to do.  Yesterday and today the boys woke up super early and eager to see their grandma but she has been sleeping in as her body has to get used to the 9 hour time difference.
Today we got out and about a little and walked quite a bit.  We went over to the Afghan memorial but unfortunately the tulips have all withered now.

Then we walked over to one of the fountains. 

After the fountains we headed back home but made a pit stop to buy some ice cream cones!

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Our Family said...

We're thrilled that Judy arrived safely! We're thrilled that you're all together. Wish we could all be together in Russia! Maybe some day...

Mrs. Beaver