Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When I meet the creator of The Transformers I am going to punch him in the face real hard!  Did you know that you must have a degree in Engineering to transform those crazy autobots?  Last week we had a bit of a Transformer meltdown in our home.  When Jon returned from the Shepherds' Conference back in March he brought back with him two Transformers which I ordered online.  We held on to them for a while because the boys received so much stuff when Jon came back that we didn't want to overwhelm them.  So last week when we were celebrating Grandma's birthday, I pulled out the Transformers to give to the boys.  Before I gave them the Transformers, I looked them over real good and decided to give Jojo the green and black one because I thought it looked better than the plain white one.  I wasn't playing favorites, it's just that Nathan doesn't care as much as Jojo does about these things. Little did I know that the boring white one had 1 long sword and 2 short swords inside it!  Jojo was absolutely devastated that we gave Nathan the better Transformer.  I didn't even know!!!  He had a total meltdown and the days that followed were also full of little meltdowns here and there because Nathan wouldn't share his special white Transformer.  I almost chucked them both out the window, not the kids, the Transformers!  Let's just say I am so thankful for my amazing husband who used the opportunity to teach Jojo about being thankful for all things and to calm me down because I felt like such a failure as a mom one day.  I just never know what to do when it comes to buying toys for the boys.  Sometimes I think I should buy the same exact toy for them in hopes that it would cut down on the fighting, but then again I suppose they will find other things to fight about!
Here's Jojo before he realized that his
Transformer wasn't quite as "special".

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Melissa said...

oh my word. i can so relate to your post. just 20 min ago, i was trying to turn one of cael's back into a car and chucked it after a few minutes. they are impossible :) second, i totally know what you mean by the boys fighting over everything. my boys have just entered into that stage and it is definitely one of the harder battles!