Friday, July 1, 2011

11 Years!

Yesterday Jon and I celebrated 11 years of marriage!  I praise 
God everyday for giving such a Godly man to me when I 
didn't deserve it!  I meant to post this yesterday but blogger
was giving me some problems so it's a day late.  We didn't do
much yesterday to celebrate because I had a doctor's appointment
in the morning and he had a meeting in the evening.  So, we 
had a lunch date and shopped a little.  It's always nice to spend
one on one time with my man!  Besides, in 11 days we(the whole
family) are headed to Spain!  We'll be going to Mallorca, Spain
where I have an uncle and 5 cousins whom I have not seen in 
over 27 years!  We can't wait.  And today we celebrate Nathan's
4th birthday but unfortunately daddy has a killer sinus thing going
on and so he is out for the count.  It's also a bit toasty out today so
we shall what we do.  No worries though because we had a birthday
party last week to celebrate Nathan's 4th! 


Melissa said...

WHAT? you're coming to spain???????????????? um come see us. PLEASE!!!!!!!! we have lots and lots of room. you can stay with us....

Susan said...

Beautiful bride! So lovely!