Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunshine and Flowers

June was pretty much full of rainy days!!!  We tried not to let the rain put a damper on our plans while Grandma Judy was here but there were days when we couldn't get out.  She was waiting for these flowers that are in our courtyard to bloom and thankfully a handful of them did bloom right before she left.  Soon after she left though the hot summer days began and the flowers started blooming like crazy.  She called them "holly hops" but I'm not too sure what they are since I can't find holly hops online anywhere. 
There are so many of them!  When people walk
by our courtyard they stop and take pictures.

It was so hot this day!  The boys weren't too excited about 
having their picture taken!  

It's such a contrast of beauty vs. ugly,
gray, concrete building!


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azuremle said...

Love the pics! My mom loved these flowers as a little girl because her grandmother helped her make hollyhock dolls!

Gavin said...

they are called hollyhocks