Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation : Day 1 Part 2

Once we got our suitcases we met my cousin at the airport.  It was really great seeing him and hard to hold back the tears.  We then rented our car and followed my cousin home where we had some pizza.  By this time it was already 4 pm (6 pm in Samara) and we were pretty exhausted from all the travel.  My cousin wanted to drive us down to the local beach so we waited for his wife to come home and off we went.
My uncle stopped by real quick to say hi.  It was amazing seeing him again.

As we drove towards the beach I took some pictures.  
I quickly fell in love with the architecture!

Beach, oh glorious beach!

My poor Naynay was so tired by this time.

The big cathedral in the old city.  More on that on our Day 2!

By the time we got home it was already 9pm and needless to say we were worn out.  Vilma, my cousin's wife, started preparing dinner and by 10 pm we ate dinner.  We heard already from our friends the Pidals that dinner is served super late in Spain, so that was something we were definitely going to have to get used to.  After bathes we all got to bed by midnight which felt like 2 in the morning for us.  We slept very well!

So, there are a few things I learned on our first day:
1.   You kiss both sides of the cheek in Spain.
2.  Dinner is not eaten until late in the evening.
3.  One is always greeted with "hola" in a sing 
songy kind of voice.


Melissa said...

you saw an El Corte Ingles!! did you go in? love that store!! so glad you were prepared for the late dinner time here. it's definitely an adjustment! your observations are so true and so cute-kissing on both sides of the cheeks, saying hola singsongy, etc. loove these posts! and that you came to spain!!!

Natalie said...

No time to go to El Corte Ingles but my cousin's wife told me they have great deals. Trust me........I wanted to go!!! :)