Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vacation : Day 5

Day 5 equals Sunday.  We had the opportunity to visit my cousin's church.  The pastor there is actually from England but speaks Spanish fluently.  There are actually quite a few people from England at the church so the service is translated simultaneously in English via earphones, so Jon got to hear the sermon in English.
Here's a picture of the I took this picture I almost 
fell.  I slipped on something and when I looked down to see what
I slipped on I was so upset.  I slipped on dog poo poo! Eeeeww!

After church we headed to the beach which was located in a cove.

The last 3 pictures were taken by my cousin Dario!

My cousin took this picture also.  Jon and I
are standing in front of a signal tower.  When
pirates were approaching the island years and
years ago, the townspeople would light a fire 
on top of the tower to notify the town that 
pirates were coming!

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Melissa said...

wow. i wish our church service was translated into english!! it's ok though; i always learn more words during the message. that's great that jon was able to hear the service!