Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation : Day 6

Jon wanted to take a long scenic drive so my cousin mapped out a course for us.  Thankfully Dario has a GPS so he set it all up for us and on this day we set out for a little road trip.  Our destination was the northern most point of the island with a few stops on the way.

Our first stop was the beautiful little town of Valldemosa.  Valldemosa is best known for the following:

"Mallorca's popularity as a tourist destination helped get its start from an unusual source. In 1838, the pianist Frederic Chopin and his lover, the writer George Sand(female, this was just her pen name), rented a former monk's cell at the Royal Carthusian Monastery. The couple and their illicit affair were the subject of intense gossip in Paris, so they decided to take refuge in Valldemossa to escape the 19th century equivalent of today's paparazzi. Chopin suffered from tuberculosis, and they thought the sunny, warm climate would help him recover. Unfortunately, the winter was a disaster for the couple. The weather was wet and cold, and the Mallorcan citizens shunned them. Chopin's health declined, the couple feuded with the villagers and each other, and Sand took out her frustrations with a pen in the scathing novel, A Winter in Majorca."

The beautiful view of the city as you drive in.

The Monastery where Chopin lived.

This little fountain/sign reminded me of something you'd see in
Santa Clarita, California............like maybe at the entrance
of a housing project or a mall!

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