Monday, August 29, 2011


We celebrated Harvest early this year with the church that Jon's been preaching at in Toliatti.  Harvest is a big celebration here in Russia.  Churches decorate a table with fruits and vegetables, have a special service, and usually have special treats after the service. 
For the last 5 Sundays we've been traveling to Toliatti since Jon
has been preaching on a series on the authority of Scripture.  It has
been a great time for all of us.  The church was really packed 
yesterday,this picture is only one part of the church.

There was a bunch of special music.  The head pastor invited 
several churches from the Samara Oblast and all the churches
shared music.This young lady had such an amazing voice. She 
seriously has the best voice I have ever heard in my life.

There was also excellent preaching
but I'm not partial or anything!

The service was exactly 3 hours long..............the boys did
great.  At one point Jojo turned around and told the children
in the row behind us to stop talking.  

The Harvest table!

Yes, I'm wearing a head covering.  This church is quite traditional.
Even though I usually don't wear a head covering in the churches
here, I didn't want to offend these sisters in Christ.

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